Nigel Francis

My interests in photography started while at school where I went to adult evening classes in photography, learning the basics in various aspects of the art.

From there I joined the Royal Air Force and trained as a photographer.

I spent the next 10 years working at home and abroad in the RAF covering a wide range of subjects from aerial to royalty.

I left the Royal air force and found work locally in oxford photographing large school and university groups for Gillman and Soame.

After a short stay at the company I made the leap into freelance photography where I started my business shooting a variety of subjects from wedding and portraits to commercial and P.R work.

I focused my skills and encompassed this with my love of architecture by growing and diversifying my business in that particular field.

Over the last 20 years I have specialised in this work shooting property for large estate agents, hotels brochures, building contractors and architect firms.

My second passion is travel, and I have explored my skills further by shooting cities and landscapes around the world from New York to Hong Kong and supplying photographic libraries with my work.

Living and working around Oxford has made me appreciate the stunning variety of architecture that surrounds me, both Ancient and modern.

My aim with my more recent work is to bring life into the night time shadows of Oxford by showing the buildings that we all seem to pass by in our daily lives and revealing the world we never see.

Using the timeless quality of black and white photography brings texture and mood that lends itself to the ancient stunning architecture that Oxford possesses.

The natural world ,landscapes and particularly woodland has also had a fascination with me, and it is another project of which I have embarked on in the last year.

I have developed a passionate interest in the subtleties of lighting and the quality in which this changes throughout the different seasons.